Bloom | Poems by Mary Lee

Bloom | Poems by Mary Lee

Author: Mary Lee

Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 21.7x13.4x0.4
ISBN: 978-1910265369
Category: Rejoice

£ 6.99

Bloom is a collection of spiritual poetry inspired by the beauty of nature and the ever advancing world around us. Written by Mary Lee, this selection of poems is inspiring, empowering and beautifully evocative. In times of change, let Bloom be your constant.

Advance praise for Bloom

“The poems in Bloom, Mary Lee’s debut collection of poems, are full of hard-won hope and lyrical beauty. But in several of these poems, Mary Lee shows herself to also be a poet willing to audaciously experiment where few have gone before. Sometimes reading Lee’s poems is like leafing through a new version of the Bible as retranslated by radical American feminist poet Adrienne Rich. These poems are a testament to her faith in ‘quiet miracles [which] seek no attention’. Mary Lee’s poems may arrive quietly, but always end up surprising the reader, as the best poems always must.

Kevin Higgins, author.

“Mary Lee’s poetry comes in like the tide, the current of Divine Mystery animating each lyric and narrative, whether centered on the Irish landscape’s unique beauty or the longings of the human spirit. The whole of the imaginative gesture leads us with a quiet intensity out of our small selves toward gratitude’s fullness. Merton once reflected that “Gratitude…is never unresponsive is constantly awakening to new wonder and to praise of the goodness of God.” It is precisely that “[constant] awakening” which characterizes the registers of these poems, registers that include some dark  edges, poignant questions, and paradox. To invoke one last metaphor, this book is a kind of sanctuary – not from the world but more deeply into it – where suffering and doubt live in tension with the joy, the bloom.

Daniel Bowman Jr., author.

Mary Lee’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in the following publications: Skylight 47; Crannog; Orbis; The Furrow; Spirituality; The Linnet’s Wings; Time of Singing; Passion Poetry Magazine; The Galway Review, Vol. 4 and The Poet’s Quest for God (anthology, Eyewear Publishing, UK).

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