The Blood Acre

The Blood Acre

Author: RJ Mitchell

A brand new DS Thoroughgood thriller from Award Nominated crime fiction author RJ Mitchell.

Set in Glasgow in 1990, The Blood Acre is a follow up to The Shift, and follows DS Angus Thoroughgood as he explores a tangled web of lies, deceit within a corrupt police force leading him to uncover an explosive terrorist plot and a fabled piece of Glasgow criminal folklore — The Blood Acre.

Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 13x2.5x19.8
ISBN: 9781910265956
Category: Matthew James Publishing

£ 8.99

Fresh from his exploits in The Shift, Constable Angus Thoroughgood finds himself assigned to Community Policing in the crime-ridden Briarknock area of Glasgow — an area known for its horrific drugs problem, violent petty crime, and unemployment. It's also home to The Creepers, a notorious team of housebreakers whose reign of terror must come to an end.

However, it's not just The Creepers that Thoroughgood must contend with. Working with his partner Harry Currie, the Scottish detective must battle corruption within the force and work to stop a plot that would destroy cities across the North of England, discovering a fabled piece of Glasgow criminal folklore along the way — the Blood Acre.

About the Author

Robert James 'RJ' Mitchell is a crime fiction novelist from Stirling, Scotland. His DS Thoroughgood series of books have earned the author many plaudits, and a nomination for the prestigious People's Book Prize (2017). Mitchell draws on his experiences as a Glasgow cop throughout his work, and still cherishes his first police shoulder number — D325.

In June 2018, Mitchell embarked on a thirty date signing tour of WHSmith stores across Scotland, selling over one-thousand copies of his novel The Shadow of Fear. In April 2019, Mitchell signed with Manchester-based publishing house Matthew James for the fifth installment of the DS Thoroughgood series The Blood Acre.

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