Author: Linda Cosgriff

A lighthearted look at menopause, motherhood, and everything in between. HORMOANAL is a collection of sharp, witty, feminist poetry from Manchester poet Linda Cosgriff.

Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 15x21x2.2
ISBN: 9781910265697
Category: Matthew James Publishing

£ 4.99

A Lighthearted Look at Menopause and Motherhood

HORMOANAL – emphasis on moan – is the debut poetry collection from Manchester poet Linda Cosgriff.

A lighthearted look at everything from motherhood to menopause, Cosgriff’s signature biting wit and incredible relatability will have you laughing one minute and sympathising the next.

This collection of sharp, confident, and witty feminist poetry is the voice of the everyday woman putting the world to rights and deserves to be read by everyone.


Linda Cosgriff is a poet from Greater Manchester. A prolific writer, Hormoanal is Cosgriff’s first published poetry collection.

Dimensions 150 × 210 × 22 mm

Pam Robinson

Laughed and cried, and cried with laughing...a wonderful reflection of the joys of womanhood! Highly recommended to anyone who is a woman or has ever met a woman :-)

max lees


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