The Pale Tiger

The Pale Tiger

Author: Mike Harrison

What is 'The Pale Tiger?' A myth? An almost-forgotten sheet of A4 gathering dust in the vaults beneath Beijing? Or a ruthlessly audacious plan to wreak deadly revenge on America with breath-taking historical symmetry?

From the steaming jungles of Hong Kong to the hard-edged clamour of New York and the Autumn chill of the grey streets of London, 'The Pale Tiger' is a piece of contemporary fiction that shines the spotlight on some of the existential challenges facing the world today. A full-throated thriller, pitching our characters into the dark heart of that toxic nexus where power and money warp the best of intentions and fan the worst of them.


Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 19x25x2
ISBN: 9781913230074
Category: Matthew James Publishing

£ 8.99


A fading sheet of A4, buried in the vaults of an intelligence service on the other side of the world?

Or perhaps it was only ever a myth, a cold war legend…

But maybe The Pale Tiger is horribly real, a brutally audacious plan to enact deadly revenge with breath-taking historical symmetry.

As an American and a Chinese warship collide in the storm-lashed South China Sea the world holds its breath. Trade and territorial tensions between the two superpowers have been escalating at an alarming rate and this latest crisis threatens to strain already fraught relations to breaking point.

In the US, still gripped in an epidemic of opioid abuse, the corridors of Washington hum with intrigue. Some see the sinister workings of an existential threat to the nation’s security, others see something quite different. Rival factions at the very heart of the intelligence complex fiercely pursuing their own agendas, but to what end?

In London, a strange death at a leading Global Hedge Fund attracts the attention of DI Anne Perry. She suspects foul play, but someone has covered their tracks well. She senses something, stalking the elegant hallways of high finance – something deadly.

MI6 also has this same hedge fund in their sights and Emma Wilson is dispatched to Hong Kong trailing one of the fund’s principals. There, she makes a shocking discovery that will change everything.

As the malign web of intrigue tightens, events in the stormy seas off the Chinese coast are unfolding at a frightening pace. The defining clash between the two most powerful navies seems all but inevitable as a massive US Carrier Strike Group prepares to enter the Taiwan Strait.

As the world thunders towards the precipice of war, erstwhile enemies must forge an unlikely alliance to uncover the conspiracy that threatens to engulf the globe in conflict. The secret lies deep beneath the rain-swept streets of London where Anne Perry and Emma Wilson must face their demons and their destinies.

Who is The Ringmaster? And what is Operation Pale Tiger?


About Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison, 59, is a Cambridge law graduate and a chartered accountant who spent 30 years at the heart of global financial markets. As he puts it: ‘I have seen the beast.’ ‘That toxic nexus where power and money warp the best of intentions and fan the worst of them.’ 

His work has taken him around the world, from the harsh splendour of Manhattan to the stately squares of Moscow; from Frankfurt’s solemn boardrooms to the stinging heat of Singapore’s streets.

His writing incorporates what he knows, lending authenticity and credibility to his work.He brings in-depth research and experience to his characters and scenes, winning wide praise from those who are in the ‘great game’ for real. The novel’s focus on the politics of China and the US, and the opioid crisis, serve as an astonishingly prescient model for the politics of today.

He lives in West London with his wife. They have three children.

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