Catch that Cough (w/ Bonnie Bridgman) — Waterstones Deansgate, Manchester

Picture book author Bonnie Bridgman visits Waterstones Deansgate, Manchester with her brand new book Catch that Cough for a special storytime, signing and more!

Catch That Cough is the story of Maisy and her mischievous cough. When Maisy's cough escapes she must CATCH THAT COUGH no matter how difficult that may be...

Maisy has never learnt to ‘catch her cough’. Why should she when it gets in the way of all the fun she’s having?
But Maisy’s cough escapes and starts wreaking havoc. Now Maisy must CATCH HER COUGH. No matter how difficult that may be...

How do you catch a cough that doesn’t want to be caught? Follow Maisy and find out!

Catch That Cough is a fun, off-the-wall look at what happens when a cough ‘escapes’. Maisy’s cough causes problems wherever it goes, showing children what happens if they don’t cover their mouths and CATCH THAT COUGH!

About the Author

Bonnie Bridgman is at her happiest in a land of imagination. Having worked as an actress for nearly a decade and perfecting the art of talking to characters inside her head, Bonnie took a leap of faith when her daughter was born and chose to write her characters down instead of acting them out. She can be found having many a conversation with said characters over a cup of tea – notebook and pen poised, ready for any story they may tell.

Bonnie lives in Hampshire with her husband and daughter. Her debut authored picture book Catch that Cough will be published by Tiny Tree books in November 2019.