‘Robots Can’t Say Please…’ Delayed Until June 1st 2017

We know many of you were excited for the release of the book on May 11th. We were too; so please trust us when we say that we didn’t take this decision lightly. We, of course, want ‘Robots…’ to be the best that it can be so a delay was, unfortunately, the only option. Read More

Come and See | Subscription Renewal FAQ

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Matthew James to Publish ‘Might Make You Smile’; a New Book of Short Stories About Living with Cancer

“Humour can be a weapon against disease, shared humour is twice as strong.”  This is the motto of Brenda Burling, author of Might Make You Smile. Cancer is something that will, one way or another, affect all of us during our lifetime and Might Make You Smile shows that even ‘The Big C’ comes with a sense of humour. Read More

Rejoice Publications to Publish New Book: ‘Songs for the Soul’ by Author Ivor Moody

For many, music can be an extension of their own spirituality; it speaks to people on many different levels. This is the subject of Songs for the Soul, a new book from author Ivor Moody. In Songs for the Soul, Moody discusses his how the music of iconic artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Nina Simone may carry a spiritual weight that even they didn’t know of. Read More

Rejoice Publications to release Mary Lee Poetry Collection ‘Bloom’

Bloom is a book of spiritual poetry inspired by the ever-changing world around us. Written by Irish poet Mary Lee, this collection of poems is inspiring, empowering and beautifully evocative. In times of change, Bloom can be a constant. Split into three distinct sections – Lighthouse, Kinship with The Invisible and Sanctuary – Bloom brings together the author’s Christian faith with contemporary poetry. Life, loss and the beauty of the world become conduits for higher thought, delivered through bright and engaging verse that will connect deeply with anyone who reads it. Read More

Tony Houghton on his role as a Church Elder

“I just wanted to tell you, Phil, that I am having a really great day,” Our Pastor laughed at the content of my brief phone call. He knew my common observation amongst the leadership team of our church that nobody calls you up to tell you good news: we are always responding to the struggles and difficulties that beset a congregation, as they request support... Read More

Hee, ik ben Zee! – More Than a Me to be released in The Netherlands

Created by Dutch author and illustrator team Lilian Kars and Steffie Padmos, Hee  ik  Ben Zee! (More Than a Me) was originally written in Dutch before being translated into English. The beautifully illustrated children’s picture book was released in 2015 by Matthew James Publishing; fifteen years after author Lilian first wrote the story. Read More

Marple Book Fair 2016 – Thank You!

Introducing a new event into the Marple community calendar was something that we didn’t go into lightly. We know that everyone in town has so many things going on, so to see how many people came through the door on Saturday was amazing to us. Just twenty-four hours earlier, we sat looking at the empty room and worried that it was going to look exactly the same the morning after. It did not and for that we are eternally grateful. Read More

Interview | Priti Mistry Talks ‘Understanding Hinduism’

Priti Mistry is an author and teacher from Warrington. Her latest book Understanding Hinduism is a book written for the classroom, for both teachers and pupils alike to learn about the Hindu faith. Released in September, Understanding Hinduism explains the Hindu faith in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Using bright colours and beautiful, hand-painted artwork, Priti’s book brings all aspects of the Hindu faith to life and will allow children of all backgrounds to learn more about the world’s oldest living religion. Read More

Marple Book Fair 2016

Matthew James Publishing is proud to be bringing a book fair to Marple this October. The Marple Book Fair 2016 is a collaboration between MJP, local businesses, local authors and artists and you! The Marple Book Fair will be free of charge, with a portion of all proceeds from the event (book sales, refreshments, e.t.c.) being donated to Marple Cancer Charities. Read More

Tony Houghton on Charity and Retirement

ROPE is a small Christian development charity helping the poorest to help themselves out of their poverty and give dignity and hope in almost thirty countries with nearly fifty projects. I started volunteering some of my time in 2002 and have continued to serve as a Director and Trustee in the last 8 years. Read More

Top 5 | Lilian Kars’ Favourite Quotes from Literature

More Than a Me is based upon a quote from Rumi, a thirteenth-century poet, and scholar. Author Lilian Kars was inspired by his words so much that she created a whole world based on one simple sentence. With that in mind, we wanted to find out what other famous snippets and quotes from the vast world of literature have inspired and delighted Lilian – maybe some of them will give us a hint at her new book?! Read More