Tiny Tree's Favourite Children's Bookshops

We read the awesome list of bookshops that was published on the blog earlier this month and were really happy to see some Tiny Tree favourites on there too! We worked closely with Nomad Books last year on a number of events and seeing our books in the HUGE Foyles flagship store on Charing Cross Road is always a thrill. 

Still, we thought we better weigh in and put our own list together of some of the brilliant specialist children’s bookshops that we love to visit. A lot of these places stock Tiny Tree books too so you know they’ve got good taste.

Disclaimer: There are far too many honorable mentions, to list them all here. We just wanted to pick a few favourites. We love all bookshops equally, because, well, they sell books and books are awesome!


The Little Bookshop, Leeds

The Little Bookshop is an absolute gem of a shop. A brilliant resource to the kids of Chapel Allerton (a short drive outside the centre of Leeds), it stocks an incredible range of books, hosts a ton of events and is home to some incredibly helpful and dedicated booksellers. Everything you want out of a local indie. We wish we could visit more often.


The Alligator’s Mouth, London (Richmond)

If you want to see more kids books than you’ve ever seen before packed into a small space, pay a visit to The Alligator’s Mouth. Practically an institution when it comes to children’s bookshops in London, it’s well worth the trip for anyone with little picture book connoisseurs. They’re always hosting events too, so be sure to check out their ‘whats on’ section too!


Little Owls, West Lothian

Another shop that is popular with locals, Little Owls is divided into sections to cater for the littlest readers to those just on the verge of YA books. Packed with the latest releases, hidden gems and a range of other toys and games this, to us, is exactly what a local indie bookshop should be.


Smallprint Books, London (Forrest Hill)

Smallprint Books is the place to go to get something unique and quirky — a book that other shops might not have. A wonderfully curated store, it’s tiny but inviting and you’ll definitely end up leaving with something unexpected.


Tell Tales Books, Warrington

A local indie bookshop powered by love and dedication, Tell Tales Books is the newest shop to open on our list (we think) but Mrs Mac has created something wonderful. A shop that serves the community and stocks a wonderful range of books.


Waterstones Gower Street, London

The historic Gower Street Waterstones store in the Bloomsbury area of London couldn’t be more iconic if it tried. It occupies a huge five-floor building and one whole floor is dedicated to children’s books — a dream for anyone who loves everything from bright and brilliant picture books to mega middle grade titles. It’s the only non-indie bookshop on our list, but it’s so impressive we couldn’t not feature it.