Spotlight | Nick Hutchinson

“After being given a prognosis of two years regarding cancer, Nicholas set about writing prayers for his own use: prayers that would reflect his journey, prayers to which he would often return.” Nick Hutchinson is one of our most prolific writers and a good friend. He has been fighting Cancer for as long as I have known him but has never let it stop him doing what he loves most, helping others. He is a real inspiration. Nick’s most popular selection, Praying Each day of the Year, is a collection of stories, reflections and prayers that is used across the globe. […] Read More

Our Favourite Books | ‘1984’ by George Orwell

As a huge Sci-Fi fan 1984 was one of those titles that just begged to be read. It was high up on my list, along with Dune and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? But I was still well into my adult life before I picked up a copy. I have never known a book have such a physical effect on me before or since. 1984 sets the reader down in a damp, dystopian landscape that seems to be at once wholly disturbing and at the same time disturbingly familiar. The protagonist, Winston, also straddles the line between relatable and detestable, very much a flawed hero, but it was always the scenery painted by Orwell that kept me firmly integrated into the story. […] Read More

Spotlight | Baptising Babies

“I am very happy to commend Dr Stringer’s book. She has done extensive research into the diaconate and its place in the life of the Church in this country and draws on extensive and perceptive pastoral experience. This will be an important guide for laypeople, deacons, priests and bishops for many years to come.” Fr Ashley Beck, Dean of Studies, Diaconate Formation Programme for southern England and Wales Read More

Introducing the new Matthew James logo

Embracing our past whilst moving headlong into the future, the new Matthew James logo represents where we have come  Read More

Spotlight | More than a Me

“I feel blessed that I am given the opportunity to share my work this way, because this story is so precious to me. I feel the book rests on 3 strong pillars: my story, Steffie’s beautiful illustrations and the work of a publisher with high integrity. We did all we could to create the best vehicle for the words to enter [little] people’s hearts. I am convinced the reader will experience that unique cooperation” Lilian Kars Read More