Author Q&A: Ivor Moody’s Desert Island Discs and Songs for the Soul

Ivor Moody is an author, the Vice Dean of Chelmsford Cathedral and, importantly, he’s a music lover. Songs for the Soul is a look at classic pop songs from the likes of The Beatles, Nina Simone and Bob Dylan from a Christian perspective. Guiding this faith-based lens onto aspects of truth, strength, and reconciliation, amongst other things, Songs for The Soul tells an incredible story, gives brilliant insight, and is also an incredibly useful educational resource. Read More

Tiny Tree is Attending the First Annual Ormsgill Book Festival!

We’re very excited to announce that, on November 30th, Tiny Tree Children’s Books will be attending the first annual Ormsgill Book Festival. We are honored to have been invited by the organisers and, alongside authors Nicola Hulme and Russ Brown, we’ll be reading books, hosting talks and discussing everything to do with books and publishing with the children from Ormsgill Primary School and other schools in the area. It’s very exciting to be able to talk with young people – and potential stars of the literary world in years to come – at events like this and we can’t wait for the event to start. Read More

Author Q&A: Kaley Owen (The Animal Alphabet series)

Kaley Owen is the author of Amos the Anteater, Benny the Beaver and Cleo the Camel. Collectively, the three books make up the beginning of the Animal Alphabet series. Released on October 5th – you can order the books here – the stories of Amos, Benny and Cleo have captured the hearts and minds of children across the UK. Having made her debut as an author by releasing three children’s books in one day, we thought you might want to know a little more about Kaley Owen: How she got the idea for the series, her influences and even her new favourite animal fact! Read More

How Henry David Thoreau Inspired A Children’s Book – Ilias’ Mountain

“It is not what you look at that matters, but what you see” is a quote that forms the basis for Lilian Kars’ latest children’s story, Ilias’ Mountain. A tale of perseverance and perspective, the story of this very “ordinary” boy is one that will be familiar to many. This idea is summed up well in these words, written by Henry David Thoreau, that have gone on to inspire many – Lilian Kars included. Read More

Author Q&A: Brenda Burling Reflects On Might Make You Smile

Brenda Burling released Might Make You Smile in April, but the journey of putting the book together was a much longer, more physically and emotionally exhausting, one. Collecting stories from people across the UK who had suffered from cancer was never going to be an easy task, even less so when hoping to extract the natural humor from an almost humourless situation. Read More

Classic Books Paired with Brilliant Craft Ales | Books & Beer

Great books and great beer – what a combination. This year at Marple Book Fair, we worked with our friends at Beer Traders in Marple to put together a range of craft beers with some classic books and the result was fantastic. Read More

Author / Illustrator Q&A: Michelle Hird (Binx The Jinx)

Binx the Jinx releases tomorrow (August 10th) and we thought you might want to get to know the author and illustrator of this wonderful new children’s book – Michelle Hird. Originally from Liverpool, now living in London, Michelle started working on Binx the Jinx during her time at University. The Tim Burton-esque gothic original looks nothing like the Binx the Jinx we see today; a book bursting with light and colour. Read More

Meet Gin | Binx the Jinx

Gin is a brave and bold ginger cat from Binx’s new neighbourhood. A friend to our little hero, she isn’t one for backing down and leaps to the defence of Binx when he needs it most. Gin is Binx’s best friend. She lives just around the corner from Binx and the two of them spend endless hours playing together. I think we can all agree that everybody could use a friend like Gin. Read More

Meet Binx | Binx The Jinx

Binx is a black cat who loves to play and explore. In fact, he’s the most curious cat around. A happy-go-lucky little guy, he’s always trying to make friends. It’s just a shame that so many people think black cats are bad luck. Superstitious folks, they might be. However, there’s more than a few stories out there about black cats and luck. Read More

Author Q&A | Nicola Hulme (Portia the Pear)

Nicola Hulme is the author of Portia the Pear; a brand new children’s book set for release on September 7th.  She is one of a collection of new authors that Tiny Tree Children’s Books will publish in 2017 and the story of a knobbly, bobbly pear called Portia will be her debut children’s book. Read More

Tiny Tree Children’s Books Announces More Titles For 2017

Binx the Jinx, Portia the Pear, the Animal Alphabet series, Ilias’ Mountain and Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree will be released between August and November. Tiny Tree Children’s Books is expanding its roster of titles, releasing seven new books between August and November 2017. Binx The Jinx, Portia the Pear, the Animal Alphabet series, Ilias’ Mountain and Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree will all be released this year. Read More

Author Q&A: Lucy Keeling

Lucy Keeling is the author of Robots Don’t Say Please (and Can’t Eat Cheese); the latest release from Tiny Tree Children’s Books. If you follow Lucy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ll know quite a bit about her already, but we decided to have a quick chat to help you get to know Lucy Keeling just a little better. Read More