You Can Take Matthew James Out Of Essex…

The Big Move is a series of blog posts detailing the process of moving Matthew James Publishing up North. In this series of short posts, we’ll be talking about everything from the heavy lifting to our new home in Marple whilst keeping tabs on things down in Essex at the same time.

As you may have seen already, the Matthew James Publishing team is split between our new Marple office and our Chelmsford HQ. James is overseeing the initial stages of the move; figuring out the quickest and most efficient way to get everything we need up North ready for us taking the keys to the new place. It’s not an easy process, but it’s one that is eased slightly by the Warehouse Clearance Sale we announced just a few weeks ago. We’re getting a measure of our stock levels and being surprised by just how limited some of these books are too.

Chelmsford has been the home of Matthew James since the beginning and it’s from this tiny acorn that a mighty oak has grown. It might not be a lot but it’s been enough and from it we’ve been able to achieve so much. Stationed at the bottom of Gwen’s garden, in many ways, this cosy little office is a symbol of just how interlinked family and business is for MJP. Of course, that means we’re not leaving it behind.

Matthew James’ growth has inevitably lead us to seek pastures new and with James living in Marple already, it only seemed right that our new HQ be based here. However, our Essex office will still be there. As will Gwen, who will continue to keep us all in check and remind us that, whilst the business is expanding, the workforce is increasing and our portfolio of books is diversifying, Matthew James Publishing is all about “Publishing With Ideals” – ideals that we won’t let fall by the wayside.

We’ve gushed already about Marple and how we see our new Northern home as our future, but by no means does that mean we’ve trying to change the past. You can take Matthew James out of Essex, but you can’t take Essex out of Matthew James.