World Book Day 2018 – James’ Favourite Books

Once again it’s that time of year where all of you think about our favourite thing; books! Every year #WorldBookDay rolls around and gets everyone talking about the written word, from the buzz of new titles filling our timelines to the reminiscing of old books as if they were old friends. Today we’re going to focus on the 2nd of those two things; as our head honcho James Shaw (@JamesMJP) takes us through 3 of his favourite books of all time.


“I absolutely love this series and everything else by Rick Riordan. I am a big fan of myths and legends, especially the wonderful pantheon based craziness of the Greeks and Romans. Percy Jackson provides a fun adventure all the way throughout the series, with likeable characters and comedy, action and drama all in great balance. The Lightning Thief was my first foray into the world of Riordan and one I will never forget.”


“I grew up loving Blade Runner, a twisted look at the future which seemed lived in, foreign, but not too far away from home. I picked up this book thinking, in my ignorance, that it was the story on which the movie was based. I was pleasantly surprised to find a title that had a recognisable world but from a totally different perspective. The characters were darker, but also more inviting. The themes of religion, life, sanity, love, all delved into deeply. It is a great mix of crime drama, sci-fi action and dystopian epic. By the end of the book, I felt I had changed a little, it raised questions in me that very little had done before. Aside from the pretentious ‘life-changing’ talk, This book is an edge of your seat read. I think I read the whole thing in 2 nights.”


“Dark, dark book. I haven’t read a book before or since that has affected me so dramatically. Not only did i leave the book with a new view of my own world, and how close we are to what was a nightmare within 1984, but I also felt dirty, broken, angry and sickened. None of these emotions felt negative though. I was angry at the main character for breaking, but I understood why he did. I was sickened by the final scenes, of torture and abuse, but they were written so well that it was tempered with absolute admiration. I don’t think I can put into words well enough how much this book affected me. I can’t say I love it or hate it, I just know I was a different person after reading it.”

So there you have it, some of the books that James likes and the impact they’ve had on him as both a person and a publisher, let us know some of your favourite books by commenting, tweeting or contacting us however you want, we might even collect them all together for another blog post!