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I remember the first email like it was yesterday. We had only just started our work with Children’s picture books and were eager to try our hand with more. Out of blue comes an email from an author in the Netherlands asking if we would be interested in publishing an English version of her book about a little drop of water. One read through was all it took, we happily welcomed Lilian into our little family.

But how would we ever do these words, which had taken years to come to us, the justice they deserved? Never fear! Lilian had already found the perfect illustrator in Steffie Padmos. Steffie’s work was beautiful from sketch to watercolour, and we knew that this was a partnership made in heaven.

It wasn’t all plain sailing from there though. A little hiccup occurred in the form of newborns all round! While we were all distracted by new additions to our families the story of our little drop took a back burner. Then a new year arrived and work continued at pace, with Steffie painting scenes that perfectly compliments Lilian’s wonderful words. We were so happy to be involved, so proud of what we were creating.

Finally we had a everything we needed and we sent the book to print with a sense of ultimate anticipation. But as we had been blessed by words and images, so were we blessed with an excellent printer who perfectly packaged our new project. As a publisher I am always touched by the creation of a new book, and by the excitement and feeling of achievement from an author finally seeing their words in print. This book, with a dedication to new family, was no exception.

We decided then we should have a party, a celebration of what we have achieved as a team. It was a wonderful success, and finally an opportunity to meet in person the 2 people who had brought us our little drop. It felt like family, which is what we are all about.

Now we can move onto the next book, and the next, and the next…

More than a Me by Lillian Kars and Illustrated by Steffie Padmos is available from our website as well as Amazon. It is also available in Kindle format and will soon be available as an iBook as well.

Based on a quote from the poet Rumi, More than a Me is a story of discovery. Our little drop of water, through his adventures and the friends he meets along the way, learns that he is not alone in the world, he is not just a drop in the ocean. The story is beautifully illustrated with full spread watercolour illustrations by Steffie Padmos, which capture the wonder of the world through our little Drop’s eyes in stunning detail.

This hardback picture book is aimed at a younger audience, but its beauty and its message will touch the hearts of anyone who reads it.


Post by James Shaw

20th October 2015