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Sometimes you work very hard, clawing and scratching at barely open doors with the highest hope that you might find some treasure. Sometimes a lovely Irish accent appears in your ear and delivers you a treasure.

Bridie Stringer is the figure that accompanies those dulcet tones and she really did bring us a treasure. Her book, Baptising Babies and Clearing Gutters, is a ‘Fresh Appraisal of the Permanent Diaconate’ and is based on her own Thesis. Coming from a Catholic background myself I was still surprised at my own ignorance on the subject of deacons and their role within the Church. The book also came along to us just in time for major changes in the Catholic Church which brought the subject of deacons to the fore.

I cant say that it was a pleasure having to track down and gain permissions for the multitude of supporting quotations and references the book contained, however Bridie was and is a joy to work with. No pressure and an author’s helping hand always makes my job so much easier! In the end it was very much worth the work, although we have some extra clauses in our contracts now surrounding permissions…

The work for us usually increases exponentially after printing, jumping into promotions and deals and distribution. However, this time felt much easier; there was actually an air of relief. Bridie did, and has continued to do so much of her own work on promoting her book that we have probably done more sitting on our laurels than we should [sorry Bridie…]. Through her hard work the book is now used across England and Wales and the sales in the USA are higher than any of our other titles.

Baptising Babies and Clearing Gutters is the spotlight not just because I like the title itself – the content is obviously exceptional but it also looks so darn good –  but also because of the author. This was one of those titles that came out of the blue and it is only due to Bridie’s hard work and dedication to her own work that it has been such a success. We are very proud to be involved [and very lucky!]

by James Shaw
27th October 2015


From roughly 9:37 onwards Bridie Stringer talks about her book and makes a lovely comment about us being like ABBA, I personally don’t think I have enough hair but I appreciated the sentiment.



Baptising Babies and Clearing Gutters

A Fresh Appraisal of the Permanent Diaconate by Bridie Stringer

Available in paperback for just £6.95

As the Church marks the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, it is an opportune time to take stock of the deacon’s ministry. Its restoration as a permanent Holy Order was heralded in 1964 in one of the most significant documents of the Council – the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church. This book explores the theological impact in a way which is readily understood by the “nonspecialist”.