More Than A Me – The Seed From Which Tiny Tree Has Grown

This Saturday (July 30th), Matthew James Publishing is launching Tiny Tree. Tiny Tree is the place that you’ll be able to find all of our children’s books – past, present and future – from here on out. However, that date is also significant as it marks the one-year anniversary of More Than a Me being published. Oh, how time flies!

Lilian Kars and Steffie Padmos’ book lit a fire under us here at Matthew James and More Than a Me became a catalyst for us fully branching out into the children’s literature market. Before this beautiful little book and the adventure of Little Drop we had dabbled with children’s books, but in More Than a Me, we saw that we could do more; that we could bring incredibly unique and exciting stories to life.

“Honestly, I really wanted to get into children’s books for selfish reasons,” says James Shaw (Director and Publisher at Matthew James Publishing). “I have a young son and whist there’s a lot of material out there for him, not all of it is fantastic. Over the past twelve months, we’ve been presented with some amazing children’s stories from authors who, like Lilian, may have been previously overlooked by the bigger publishers. I wanted to make Matthew James Publishing – and now our new imprint Tiny Tree – a home for new stories and undiscovered talent.”

Lilian’s talent was far from undiscovered. However, it took almost fifteen years for More Than a Me to become the book you see today.  We’re thankful that she and Steffie – who has worked as an illustrator since 2004 – allowed us to join them on this journey. Lilian sees the meeting as an act of fate. “To be honest: I feel like they chose me… Now they are like friends. I could not have wished for better people to handle my stories”. That feeling is mutual.

One year on and everyone involved is still incredibly proud of More Than a Me. Who knows what would have happened if we had never received the manuscript for ‘The Adventures of Little Drop’?

That’s why on July 30th, as we launch Tiny Tree and Monsters in My Maths Book, the latest title from Russ Brown and Jamie Cosley (another prolific author / illustrator team), we’ll also be toasting More Than a Me; both for its first anniversary but also for being the seed from which Tiny Tree is beginning to grow.