Meet Robot | Robots Don’t Say Please (and Can’t Eat Cheese)

A series TK5000, the  Model K18 Robot will be your life long friend. Ideal for those families who would like a little extra help around the house, with such tasks as Hamster sitting, ironing your flags, blowing up your arm bands, and colour coding your straws. In their downtime, the K18 will happily play with your children and their friends. They can even settle disputes such as ‘Who threw the ball the furthest’ ‘which smell is worse’ ‘who can hold their breath the longest’, with the in-built measurement system that had been missing from our previous models. As such, they can be your child’s best friend, mediator and argument settler.

The standard K18 model is 5feet tall with the option for purchasing extensions as required. The arm length can stretch to a comfortable 200 metres but when stationery are a standard 60cms in length. The inbuilt processors can allow almost instantaneous responses whilst its AI capabilities can ensure a life like a response to general queries. This, in turn, can allow for an almost natural sounding conversation that you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime. 

The standard apps included in this package are: silver service, everyday appliance user manuals, 101 ‘how to’ guides, colour matching, name recollection and much more with more available to download at an additional cost. 

The TK5000 Robots are all designed to recharge with food in the same way humans do, therefore eliminating the need for pesky charging and plugs. Instead, they need three meals a day* with a standard 6-hour rest pattern, in every 24. 

There’s nothing** that the K18 can’t do for your household needs. 

All Robots come with a 30-day promise guarantee, that does not affect your statutory rights. Please have a look at our website for testimonials from our dozens of happy customers. 

Please note our robots are flat-packed and will require some simple assembly.

*Please note that whilst our K18’s are designed to eat almost all food, at present they cannot eat cheese. 

** Does not include; life-saving, house cleaning, washing of pots, cars or people, driving or operating heavy machinery, ironing, shopping or taking out the bins. 

You can read more about Robot in Robots Don’t Say Please (and Can’t Eat Cheese); a new children’s picture book by Lucy Keeling and Kris Smith. Robots Don’t Say Please… is released on June 1st 2017 and you can pre-order the book here.