Introducing the new Matthew James logo


The last few years at Matthew James Publishing have been all about progress, expansion, and finding our feet again in the ever-changing world of publishing.

Introducing two new imprints back in 2016 – Tiny Tree Children’s Books and Rejoice Publications – allowed us to refocus the core of Matthew James. 

The challenges and new experiences we have been faced with have caused us, as a company, to adapt the way we work for the better. Everything from our release schedule, the way books are produced and the types of books that we want to publish have changed.

Entering the new year, this growth became even more apparent. We’re working on more books than ever before, with more creators than ever before and with a new sense of how to be. With that in mind, we felt the outward face of the company needed to change to match the new, modern, growing Matthew James that exists in 2018.

Embracing our past whilst moving headlong into the future, the new Matthew James logo represents where we have come from and the direction that the company is going. Designed by Manchester-based graphic designer Alexander Rennie, our familiar ‘squiggly tree’ has matured into a tall, mighty, buttress – a tree that unmoving, one that could found a forest in years to come.

2018 marks a new beginning for Matthew James, something our new look reflects and something we want all of you to be a part of.

Here’s to growth.

The Matthew James Publishing Team