Introducing Rejoice Publications


What Makes Rejoice Different?

As a non-denominational publisher of high quality religious and spiritual books and resources, Rejoice Publications believe that all religions need to be explored. This makes us different from many of the other, similar publishers out there. As a company and service provider, we also strive to provide valuable and varied materials directly from people speaking about their own faiths and beliefs. We trust that this delivers an authentic and far more engaging experience for the reader.

We also believe that Religious Education comes in many forms. It’s not just a lesson to be learned from a textbook, it is found in the stories and experiences of real people. Spreading that knowledge and wisdom through everything from primary and secondary school resources to academic literature and even spiritual journeys and devotionals. Lessons can be learned from all of these.

That is what makes Rejoice Publications different.

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Why The Change To Rejoice?

The Rejoice Publications has been a part of Matthew James since the very beginning. You may notice that some of our books, including Come and See, bear the Rejoice name on the cover. Howeverwe wanted to reintroduce Rejoice to people in a whole new way in order to signal a new chapter in our brand of religious and spiritual publishing.

The reintroduction of Rejoice is due to a change in Matthew James Publishing as a business. The company has expanded greatly over the past twelve months and we wanted to make sure that the customers that have been loyal to us over the past twenty years are still well looked after.

The Rejoice Publications imprint allows us to cater for and respond to the needs of our customers more effectively. The new imprint lets us dedicate ourselves and our time to religious and spiritual books and resources without compromise or any mixed messaging. Rest assured, the same quality of books, resources and customer service you have received before will not change. Rejoice only helps us to offer that same kind of service but in an even more positive and proactive way.

What Can You Expect From Rejoice?

Rejoice Publications changes very little for the customer. Frequent readers fear not. Nothing much will change other than the name on the back of the book. If anything, you’ll be getting even more from us.

If you’re new to Matthew James, and therefore new to Rejoice, then welcome! Here you’ll find high-quality religious books and resources for use at home, in school or in further education. Either way, we hope to hear from all of you soon.

All of the Rejoice Publications titles can be purchased from our website. Click here to browse our extensive collection of books. Rejoice titles are also available in all good bookshops.