Inside MJP | Housewarming

The Big Move is a series of blog posts detailing the process of moving Matthew James Publishing up North. In this series of short posts, we’ll be talking about everything from the heavy lifting to our new home in Marple whilst keeping tabs on things down in Essex at the same time.

Moving is a process; one you’ll be all too familiar with if you’ve ever moved house. Getting that process going, however, is always tougher than you may have thought. That’s what we’ve found at least whilst undertaking what has become known as The Big Move.

If you’ve read any of our other blogs on the subject and/or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you’ll already know about our efforts to move Matthew James Publishing ‘up North’. We now have a warehouse here in Marple – just outside of Stockport, Greater Manchester – and have been in Chelmsford packing boxes and pallets in order to relocate them. That is a task in itself, one that physically took it’s toll on myself and James for quite a few days after – and we’re not done yet.

As a newcomer to Matthew James and the world of publishing itself, I have to say that I’ve never seen so many books in my entire life. As an avid reader, it was glorious. As someone being tasked with moving them, it was daunting. However, in just a couple of days we packed, wrapped and took note of all the stock on thirteen pallets of books and there’s more to be done. The task may not seem as insurmountable anymore, but that doesn’t make it feel less impossible. We’ll do it though, because of course we will.

Bad sentiment towards hard labour aside, the act of getting the job done was actually fairly smooth and I think we were all surprised just how much we managed to do. To have that many books ready to be shipped up to Marple at this stage is great. The plan is moving forward and at a faster rate than initially imagined: We are now fully moved into our new warehouse, we’ve tidied, decorated and now we’re just awaiting the first pallets of books arriving which should be at some point next week – exciting!

As for the new place, it’s big. Of course, it looks that way because it’s practically empty at the moment. As more stock and more shelving comes in, it’ll start to take shape. Most importantly though, it’s a fantastic work space for our growing business. The new office is looking great thanks to James’ DIY efforts and it’s spacious enough for expansion.

To an outsider it might look like every other office, but to us it’s the start of something. It’s a symbol of the “next chapter” that I talked about when we started these blogs. It’s the new home of Matthew James Publishing and will hopefully push us onwards and upwards through 2016 and beyond.

Take a look at the gallery below to see what our new place looks like – a virtual ‘housewarming’, of sorts.