I Love to Write Day | Why Do These MJP and Tiny Tree Authors Love Writing?

Brenda Burling | Author: Might Make You Smile, Good for a Grin

I love to write because it was always my dream. I find so many aspects of life inspiring. Writing is how I express myself. Creating stories, capturing human emotions, personalities and life events, being able to weave all these elements into a story is…for me...my happy place. The act itself of writing is a totally selfish endeavour, it is you, your thoughts…in my case…the pen and the paper. It is pure self-indulgence but the beauty of writing is the end result can be enjoyed by others (at least that is what a writer dreams of).

When I release a book, my sole aim is that the reader who picks up a copy enjoys reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.  To bring pleasure, inspire, connect and in some cases of my writing, the desire to bring hope and humour is the very thing I wish for most. To be able to offer a reader an opportunity to escape into another world, to immerse themselves into something you have created, what more could an author wish for?

Like most writers, if I don’t write I’m anxious, irritable and yes just plain miserable. Give me a pen and a scrap of paper I’m happy. Wish It. Dream It. Do it.


BB Taylor | Author: The Vigilante Tooth Fairy

Writing is like opening a door to a thousand destinations, each one with a million different paths.

When I write there is nobody to tell me that the laws of physics apply, that something is improbable or impossible, or that a giraffe can’t purple spots.

When I write I can do anything, be anyone and accomplish my wildest dreams without ever having to worry about barriers or obstacles that society might put in my way.

I love to write because I want to be able to share with someone the images I see when I close my eyes, the cinema screen that dances across my dreams and for them to feel the tingle I get when I explore the unknown of a new adventure or story.

I love to write for the excitement and thrill of never knowing where my characters are going to take me next, or what they’re going to do.

I love to write to share my favourite words that nobody has ever heard of, like anatidaephobia or diplopodologist.

I love to write to see people’s brains whirl, as they learn words that hold power like a superhero does.

I love to write to inspire, excite and enjoy.

I love to write so that little girls and little boys can aspire to be whatever their hearts desire.

But firstly I write because I need to …

That need to feel that itch and insatiable buzz as my fingers trail across my keyboard at speed and my words float from my brain, decorating the pages with words, creating pictures in the heads of the readers they encounter.

This is why I write.


RJ Mitchell | The Blood Acre

When it comes to writing I have remained true to the adage that it is best to “write what you know.

For 12 years I was a Glasgow cop, working in a variety of capacities, some in uniform, some in plain clothes in the city and I have been lucky enough to acquire a treasure trove of experiences and a rogues gallery of characters with which to inform my writing.

My first novel in the Thoroughgood series, Parallel Lines, has a three-chapter starting sequence which is based on an armed robbery in a jewelry shop I walked into. When I entered the shop the alarm was blasting, the staff were screaming and under my feet there was a whole lot of crunching going on! That was because the armed robber who had just left with ‘the goods’ 30 seconds earlier, had blasted a shotgun into the roof and I was standing on the ruined plasterwork!

In ‘The Shadow of Fear’ the main villain is called ‘The Cyclops’ and he is based on a bad man from, yes you guessed it, Glasgow, who when he was crossed removed his transgressor’s eye with a Stanley Knife. Can you believe there is a guy walking about without any eyes right now?

My current crime novel ‘The Blood Acre’, which is of course published by Matthew James, is an amalgam of two plots. The first the world of the main protagonist Constable Angus Thoroughgood, which is based almost completely on my own experiences as a rookie cop in Glasgow in 1990. The second supplied from an infamous escapade of Glasgow crime folklore involving, would you believe, two former French Foreign Legionaries from the city’s toughest area, Easterhouse, who head south to pull off an armed robbery which goes spectacularly wrong! Naturally, the two plots converge to an explosive effect laced with double cross, betrayal, and revenge!

As well as my own experiences I am very lucky to have a close friend who owns Glasgow’s foremost private investigations business and I can promise you a coffee with him is a fascinating hour which is guaranteed to provide plenty of inspiration! So, I guess as a crime fiction author who is also a former cop, it would be criminal, pardon the pun, not to make the most of my experiences! 


Nicola Hulme | Author: The Fixer Man, Portia the Pear

I love the sound of words, I love hearing the musicality. I love the swirl of handwritten words, I love the marks across a page. I love the images conjured by lines, which evoke memories or stir the imagination.  I love storytelling and seeing faces light up with excitement and wonder. I love reading to children to see their pleasure in meeting the characters, following a tale of adventure and becoming the hero or heroine who saves the day.

I have to write, it’s a passion, a need, an addiction, it drives me, it envelopes me, it dominates me. When I don’t write, creativity wakes me at 2am and pushes my eyelids open, relentlessly nudging me out of bed until I write down the lines narrated to me by my subconscious knowing, if I don't, what may be treasured will be lost forever.  

I love how writing downloads my thoughts, my emotions, my fears and dreams. They pour onto the page so I better understand myself and make sense of my world. It harnesses days gone by, experiences, relationships, highs and lows, no ground is left unexplored. It projects ideas forwards, what might be, what could be, what if? When I’m done I am drained, I sleep until the earliest of hours and I’m prompted to start again.

I have a special writing place, under a particular Cherry Tree at Tatton Park in Cheshire. I wrote my first book there and have returned many times since. Nature inspires me, comforts me and relaxes me. The writing flows under that tree in the fresh air and in all seasons. My flask of hot Vimto is my secret weapon against the elements.

I write in the car, in traffic jams, on a commute; short lines scrawled when the hand brake's on. I write in the hairdressers, on the train, even at The Bridgewater Hall during a Halle performance. I let writing in and like a comfortable pair of jeans, a warm woolly jumper or an old friend, it's here to stay.  


Fiona Barker | Author: Danny and the Dream Dog

I love to write because combining words is like baking a cake. The results can be just as delicious but with zero calories.