Hee, ik ben Zee! – More Than a Me to be released in The Netherlands


We are very happy to announce that More Than a Me is to be made available in Dutch for the first time!

Hee, ik ben Zee! will be published by Tiny Tree Children’s Books and will be available on [insert date] from bookshops across The Netherlands, thanks to our friends at Sirqls Play & Learn.

Created by Dutch author and illustrator team Lilian Kars and Steffie Padmos, Hee ik Ben Zee! (More Than a Me) was originally written in Dutch before being translated into English. The beautifully illustrated children’s picture book was released in 2015 by Matthew James Publishing; fifteen years after author Lilian first wrote the story.

Releasing the book in Dutch was incredibly important to Lilian and Steffie and we are excited to make the book available as it was originally written. “Hee, ik ben Zee! / More Than a Me is a timeless story to be enjoyed by every child, so to release it in its original language is very special,” said publisher James Shaw. “It was important to Lilian and Steffie, so it was important to us. We’re so glad we’ve been able to make this happen”.

Hee, ik ben Zee! is available to pre-order now from Sirqls Play & Learn and will be available in all good bookshops across The Netherlands from [insert date].

More Than a Me continues to be available in English with 10% of proceeds from every sale being donated to War Child UK. War Child UK is a charity that helps children affected by conflict around the world. To find out more about War Child, click here.