Come and See | Subscription Renewal FAQ

How much does Come and See cost?

The Come and See Online subscription costs £10 per class / per year. For example: If you are in a school with fourteen classes, the full cost would be £140 + VAT.

Why do I have to pay VAT?

As Come and See is an online service, it is subject to VAT. However, schools are usually VAT registered.

When does my renewal start?

Your Come and See renewal will begin at the start of the new school year. There will be no change as to how you currently access the system once your renewal has been purchased.

I have not received an email. When will I be asked to renew? 

Subscribers will be asked to renew before the end of the school year as your licence expires. Renewals are due in September 2017 for those subscribers who purchased Come & See in the 2012/13 school year. If you purchased during this time, and have not yet received an email, please contact us at: comeandseere@matthewjamespublishing.com

The Invoice Address Is Different to the Matthew James Address?

The invoice address is our current Finance Office.

Is Come and See regularly updated? How many updates can we expect per year?

Come and See is updated regularly based upon content from our writers group. You can expect new content every quarter.

What if Teachers Have Changed and we Need New Logins?

Registering new Teachers remains the same as before, using the original Registration Letter sent when the programme was purchased. If you require a copy of the Registration Letter, please use the Contact Form to request this. PLEASE NOTE: Registration details can only be emailed to the official school email address.

All staff that have left, should be notified using the Come & See Contact Form available on the site.