Author Q&A: Lucy Keeling

Lucy Keeling is the author of Robots Don’t Say Please (and Can’t Eat Cheese); the latest release from Tiny Tree Children’s Books. If you follow Lucy on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, you’ll know quite a bit about her already, but we decided to have a quick chat to help you get to know Lucy Keeling just a little better.

Robots Don’t Say Please… was released last week, has it sunk in yet that you’re officially a published author?

No, not really. I have been dabbling with writing since I was a little girl but never thought that I would one day be published.

Where did the story of Robots come from? It’s pretty quirky.

I had been messing around writing a few bits and pieces. I was thinking about what sort of message I wanted in my story. The idea that I could maybe write something fun about manners was intriguing to me. I was trying to get my little boy to say his first words and I realised how important it was to me that his first words included please and thank you.

Are you a fan of cheese fondue yourself or was this some kind of warning to your audience?

I love cheese. And cake. And food. FOOD!

You worked closely with illustrator Kris Smith on the book. What did you think when you first saw his illustrations?

It was amazing to see the characters come to life. I was also amazed that someone could read my words and have the characters develop at first in his head and then so fantastically created on paper. I think the illustrations are fantastic.

Did your visions for the characters click immediately or did it take some time to get the final design?

Loved them straight away, I knew it was a quirky story and I think that the illustrations match it perfectly.

Is it true that you wrote Robots… whilst on maternity leave with your first son?

I have to let your readers in on a little publishing secret. It’s true that I’m on Mat leave now, I actually wrote this story last year when I was teaching my first born his first words. It takes a long time for a publisher to pick up the story and go through the processes of getting it published. I can however tell you another secret… I am (trying) to write a second children’s book all about monsters.

What do the boys think of mummy’s book?

They’re a little young, but I think they’ll have lots of fun at the launch.

This is the first children’s book you have written, do you see yourself writing more like this or would you like to write for adults too?

Ohhh technically I wrote a book when I was in school and a friend illustrated it. I think we were about 7 years old? However that was just a school project tee hee. I am trying to write another children’s book and am halfway through writing my first novel. When I’m not sleeping, feeding or cleaning.