Nerf Attack | Extract — Might Make You Smile

Susan was a thirty-something-year-old mum of two lively boys. Having been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she had undergone all the treat- ments and was looking forward to getting her life back on track. With her family by her side, and her faith she knew she could withstand anything. Her cancer had taught her so many lessons. She felt she had found her ‘real’ friends and was surprised that sometimes those she had thought were closest, had not always proven to be so. But Susan had also learnt that there was no right or wrong way to deal with the ‘C’ word and that everyone was entitled to their own approach... Read More

How Do You Tell Someone You Have Testicular Cancer? | Read Dan's Story — 'Good for a Grin'

Dan had the diagnosis confirmed to him, he had testicular cancer. Telling everyone was the hardest bit, once he and his wife Nat had got over the initial shock. With rugby mates, doing this over beer and a curry was the only way forward. Dan, however, didn’t gauge his audience very well... Read More


Matthew James Publishing is pleased to announce that David Palin has signed a one-book deal for the publication of the author’s forthcoming novel ‘Let The Game Commence’. A thrilling Faustian whodunit, ‘Let The Game Commence’ will become a part of Matthew James Publishing’s Digital-First initiative and will be released as an eBook in 2022. Read More

Green With Envy, Not So Much | Extract — Might Make You Smile

Green With Envy, Not So Much... is taken from Might Make You Smile by Brenda Burling. This story was contributed by the book by Michelle, a woman who fought hard against Ovarian Cancer. One of our favourite stories from the book, this one really does represent everything that Might Make You Smile is all about.  Read More

Q&A: RJ Mitchell on 'The Hurting' — DS Thoroughgood Book #2

RJ Mitchell is the prolific author of the DS Thoroughgood series of crime thrillers. Following the re-release of Parallel Lines, the focus shifts to the second adventure in this Scottish crime saga — The Hurting.  The Hurting sees our hero, DS Angus Thoroughgood, injured from the events of Parallel Lines and considering leaving the Glasgow police force. However, no hero is down and out for too long and, soon enough, Thoroughgood is back to do his part to protect his beloved city from a looming terrorist threat. We caught up with RJ Mitchell ahead of the release of this new addition so he could give us the lowdown on his inspiration for the book, writing a successful sequel, and more. Read More

Q&A: RJ Mitchell talks 'Parallel Lines'

RJ Mitchell began his career as a novelist with DS Angus Thoroughgood and the book Parallel Lines. First released in 2010, the book serves as an origin story for the Thoroughgood character and also for the author himself.  With the new edition of Parallel Lines releasing on October 22nd, we chatted to RJ Mitchell about revisiting the book, painful memories, and the city of Glasgow that is almost a character itself. Read More

8 1/2 Stone Paperback Now Publishing August 2020, Releases digitally April 12th

8 1/2 Stone — the hilarious debut novel from Liz Jones — will now be published in paperback on August 2020.  The digital release of the book (available on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and more) will now release ahead of schedule on April 12th 2020. Read More

RJ Mitchell's Brilliant 'Blood Acre' Book Tour

The Blood Acre book tour saw RJ Mitchell take to the road and visit WHSmith stores up and down the country, shaking hands and signing books at every stop. From August through to December, the Scottish author worked tirelessly and has been handsomely rewarded for his efforts. With 1,000 books sold on the tour and more to bookshops all over the UK, The Blood Acre is the best selling Matthew James Publishing title of 2019. Here's a little insight into RJ Mitchell's success... Read More

Meet the Author: BB Taylor

Everyone, let us introduce to you... BB Taylor and let BB introduce you to The Vigilante Tooth Fairy! It's important to stand out in the world of children's books, and BB Taylor does just that. A self-proclaimed professional daydreamer, it's not just BB's shock of purple hair that keeps her apart from the crowd. The author's positive attitude, creative spark, and driven nature were evident from the moment she first approached us. Her latest book, The Vigilante Tooth-Fairy is a children's chapter book that captures the author's passionate energy and channels it into a fun and fantastical adventure that kids will love. Read More

A Tiny Tree in the mighty forest of the National Poetry Library!

Tiny Tree's first book of children's poems – The Poetical Institute’s Peculiar Powers of Vegetables and Fruits – written by Sharada Keats and illustrated by JiaJia Hamner, has been accepted into the largest public collection of modern poetry in the world! Yes, we mean to say that it’s now available in the children’s reference section of the UK’s wonderful National Poetry Library in London. Read More

I Love to Write Day | Why Do These MJP and Tiny Tree Authors Love Writing?

So... why do you love to write? November 15th is I Love To Write Day, a day founded by American author John Riddle who — you guessed it — loved to write. Riddle's goal for the day was to encourage more people to write so, with that in mind, we asked a selection of Matthew James Publishing and Tiny Tree authors why it is that they love to write. Sure, it's a question that authors must get asked all the time — that doesn't mean we can't ask them again. So, without further adieu, we'll leave you in the capable hands of RJ Mitchell (The Blood Acre), Fiona Barker (Danny and the Dream Dog), Brenda Burling (Might Make You Smile / Good for a Grin), Nicola Hulme (The Fixer Man / Portia the Pear) and BB Taylor (The Vigilante Tooth Fairy) in the hope that they can inspire you too! Read More

Tiny Tree's Favourite Children's Bookshops

We read the awesome list of bookshops that was published on the blog earlier this month and were really happy to see some Tiny Tree favourites on there too! We worked closely with Nomad Books last year on a number of events and seeing our books in the HUGE Foyles flagship store on Charing Cross Road is always a thrill.  Still, we thought we better weigh in and put our own list together of some of the brilliant specialist children’s bookshops that we love to visit. A lot of these places stock Tiny Tree books too so you know they’ve got good taste. Read More