Matthew James Publishing Ltd is a small independent UK based publisher which has been around for over 20 years. Our motto ‘Publishing with Ideals’ guides our business practices in the titles we produce, the way we work with our authors and the way we deal with customers. We are a small family business that is constantly going from strength to strength with the help of the wonderful people we work with.

Over the last 20 years or so we have produced some fantastic resources for religious education in schools and at home, we have brought success to new authors and provided many opportunities to a wide array of individuals. We are very proud of the work we have done and the people we have been able to work with. In 2012 we found ourselves looking to new horizons, and now we are happy to be working with some wonderful children’s authors, producing beautiful poetry books and expanding our design services.

If you want to know about us, as a business and as individuals, why not follow us on one of our many social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or just Contact Us.


REjoice has been our imprint for Catholic and Christian educational material for many years. REjoice has seen the birth of God’s Story and Church’s Story 1, 2 and 3, as well as many other titles that are now staples within primary and secondary schools.

The hugely popular Come & See and People of God RE programmes were also published through REjoice and have seen much success. We feel vey lucky to have been able to work with such talented individuals and groups to produce so many excellent resources that are helping educators all over deliver outstanding material to their pupils.

REjoice also works with many theologians and spiritual leaders to produce excellent higher learning material, as well as prayerbooks, guides and support material.

REjoice does not just focus on Christianity and Catholicism, we publish educational material centred around any religion or faith which we feel will help develop understanding and community.


Tiny Tree is our new imprint for Children’s literature and picture books. In it’s very early stages, we want the opportunity to produce more titles like More than a Me, The Field Feud and The Mechanics of Mechanicsville under an imprint dedicated to the genre. This way we can focus our production and marketing at the most appropriate audiences and ensure that our little family of authors have a suitable home.


Over the last 20 years we have worked on many different projects and have gained the experience and contacts to provide our own excellent Typesetting and Design services. We have access to proof-readers and illustrators, as well as some very talented typesetters and designers. We also have a wide array of contacts in the printing industry, allowing us to get excellent prices on all sorts of projects.

Our services include typesetting and design of your manuscript, cover design, production of a print ready PDF file and, we can provide you with competitive printing prices for a wide range of sizes and print runs. We are also able to provide eBook creation and distribution through our 3rd Party suppliers.

It doesn’t have to be a book you are interested in getting designed professionally, we can provide you a quote on any typesetting and design work from wedding invitations to marketing leaflets and catalogues. We will work closely with you to produce exactly what you are looking for at a competitive price.

Contact us if you would like to discuss anything.


If you would like to submit a manuscript or proposal to one of our imprints please visit our Submissions and Permissions page for more information.

If you wish to reproduce, reprint, perform or copy any part of a publication, please contact james.shaw@matthewjamespublishing.com for information and guidance.


Publishing With Ideals

Every author, client or customer we have is a part of our family. As a small family business that has been running for over 20 years we feel very passionately about how we work and who we work with. Our customers, clients and authors come first and we will always do everything we can to ensure that everyone feels like part of the family.

Typesetting And Design

We have been in the publishing business for many years and have a wealth of experience in designing and formatting a wide variety of work. Our prices are very reasonable, so if you just want us to take on a design job just contact us with your details and we will get back to you. We also have a number of designers and illustrators we can contact for specific work.


Come and shop with us. There’s no need to set up an account to purchase from us but we do have the option. We never ask for any bank details as we use PayPal and Stripe to take payment. As we do a lot of business with schools and trade we also have an option to pay via Invoice and BACs if approved.


We are always looking for new pieces of work to sink our teeth in to, and we are constantly expanding our range of titles. If you have a book or resource idea you would like to submit then take a look at our Submissions and Permissions section.